Corporate Entertainment: Boost Your Reputation

Corporate entertainment is so much more than booking a band for the next Christmas party. For businesses of all types, corporate events from summer barbecues to anniversaries are often opportunities to form new relationships with clients. It also where employers and employees can bond, often better than during the everyday routine of the ordinary workday.

A small and upcoming business can impress potential clients if they don’t skimp when it comes to their corporate events. And a huge part in that is the musical entertainment. No better way to impress your future Japanese partners with a glorious rendition of an aria or a portion of some smooth jazz.

In the United Kingdom, the Singing Waiters are one the most well-known professional entertainers. They are enjoying a reputation for stellar surprise entertainment but they can also be booked for corporate events. As each of the troupe has a professional background and comes from a renowned musical schools in the UK, corporate events will be unforgettable. Personally I highly recommend the Singing Waiters not only for corporate events but also for weddings and other family celebrations!


New Fire Safety Technologies

Better and more-advanced technology means increased fire safety. Although the basics of fire safety, like stocking fire extinguisher and knowing about fire risks are still the same, new technology is makig fire fighting a lot easier, quicker and more effective.

Here are some of the recent advances in fire detection and fire fighting technology:

Sound Wave Fire Extinguisher

How about putting out fires with sound? A sound wave fire extinguisher is a  chemical-free, water-free extinguisher that uses sound to deplete a fire from oxygen. Without oxygen, a fire dies out.

Researchers have previously attempted this idea but without much success. Now however, the sound wave extinguisher works reliably. At this point, the prototype is still somewhat costly ($600) but is likely to become much smaller and portable and more-affordable

Water Mist Systems

This is just like your typical sprinkler system, but better and more effective. For many, water mist systems are the future of fire fighting. Just like always, water is simply very good for fighting fires, and this puts the effectiveness of sprinkler systems on a whole new level.

Instead of using large droplets of water, water mist systems use a fine mist that is smothering the fire. The small droplets have a larger surface area so that water is converted to steam faster. This is also more effective in reducing the the temperature of the fire and suffocates the fire faster than old-fashioned sprinkler systems. In addition to that, these systems are significantly decreasing water damage.

Video Fire Detection

Popular in various industries such as foresting or anywhere else where vast spaces need to be monitored for fires, video fire detection is now also becoming popular for home owners. These systems can see fires even when they occur in the distance they can do so in real time within seconds one they occur.

What’s more, modern video fire detection systems are equipped to be able to automatically notify the fire brigade when they see a fire and can provide them with the GPS coordinates. This way, fires are often extinguished before they had a chance to cause any major damage. The fact that these systems work fully automatically makes them great for monitoring businesses and homes around the clock.

A great Blog Post About Making Money Online

If you are like me, and you deal or have dealt with the idea of making money on Internet, you may want to do them reading before you get all excited. I came across a great article on the New York Times blog about young people who are making a living online.

They are writing about Rowan Winch, a 15-year-old who has had an unusual degree of success making money online and how it does it! So can I recommend that you check out the article!