On Fire Safety and Fire Prevention

Fire safety should always be topic when we talk about major music venues. In the same way as sports stadiums or any other type of venue where many people are gathering, venues such as concert halls and clubs are often at a particular high risk of fires.

fire extinguisher – tipsWhat needs to be looked at when we want to decrease those risks?

  • Does the venue have sufficient emergency exits that are clearly accessible and visible?
  • Does the venue use safe, inflammable materials for damping and soundproofing?
  • Are there enough fire extinguishers easily accessible?
  • Does the venue have a sprinkler system that is properly maintained and frequently tested?
  • Is the staff trained in emergency procedures such as how to operate fire extinguishers?
  • What is the maximum allowed visitor capacity of the venue?
  • Is the venue regularly expected in terms of fire safety and risks?

If all the above points are met, fire safety in music venues of all types can greatly be increased. History has shown that most fatalities and injuries from fires in music venues are from a violation of one or more points as outlined above.

Following the laws and the meeting all the requirements for fire safety and prevention is the best way to ensure the safety of your guests. See Devon fire extinguishers for more information on modern fire detection devices.

SoundCloud Signs Licensing Deal with Company That Took Legal Action Against It

Music service SoundCloud said this week that they signed a licensing deal with PRS for Music. This is the same music rightsholder that launched legal action against SoundCloud several months ago.

According to a press release by SoundCloud, they signed an international deal with PRS for music that will bring PRS’ artists to the streaming service.

Currently, PRS have the rights for more than 111,000 artists in United Kingdom, including Joan Armatrading, Adele, Ray Davies and many more

SoundCloud’s plan for the coming year is to release a subscription-based premium music streaming service, similar to Apple music.

The Singing Waiters

Who are The Singing Waiters?

If you are from the United Kingdom, chances are you will already know who The Singing Waiters are. Those guys are pretty much the most popular surprise entertainers in the UK right now.

singing-waiters-newsIn case you wouldn’t know, let me explain to you a little about The Singing Waiters and what surprise music is.

The singing waiters are singers and dancers who can perform at all types of events, such as wedding receptions, parties and corporate events.

What makes surprise entertainment so cool is that guests of an event will usually not know about the singing waiters. Normally, they will start a performance with an act where they are dressed up as waiters. Then, out of the blue they will start singing and dancing taking all the guests by surprise.

Now, make no mistake, the singing waiters are not your average singers. They’re all professionally trained. Be assured, once they start performing you will note the difference! The singing waiters put on an awesome show where they often include the audience, have them sing or play an instrument, things like that.

Another speciality of the singing waiters UK is that they can perform flash mobs too. This is a great idea for engagements if you want to really surprise someone. Flash mobs are also great for companies or groups who want to draw some attention with a surprise performance in a public place such as a shopping centre or city square.

With the singing waiters you cannot go wrong because you will get first-class professional entertainment no matter the occasion.

Take That, The Chemical Brothers and The Weeknd At The 2015 Apple Music Festival

Among the performers at this year’s “Apple Music Festival” (formerly known as iTunes festival) will be Take That, The Chemical Brothers and The Weeknd.

take-that-at-apple-music-festivalOther musicians confirmed for the festival will be Leon Bridges, James Bay, Pharrell Williams, Disclosure, One Direction and many more.

The closing performances on September 28 will include Florence Welch and Brit-winner Bay.

More than 500 renowned artists, among them Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry performed at the iTunes festival since 2007.

If you want to read all about this year’s festival, check out their official website at http://www.applemusicfestival.com

Music, Arts & Public Schools

Many public schools in the United Kingdom can be seriously lacking when we look a what they offer in terms of activities such as sports, music or the arts. To me it seems that those things are often seen as something “not so important” for a lot of public schools. This can be a big disadvantage for those families whose children have an interest in participating in sports and similar activities.

private-schools-music-sportsThose children who might have a natural talent  to become creative artists or musicians will not ever have the opportunity to discover their talents because of the limitations and priorities that many public schools have in place today.

I am of the opinion that parents today should think about whether a good, private school would not be a much better option for the children.Those type of schools by and large can offer more varied choices that go beyond standard classes. And we all know how beneficial for your children’s education it can be when they participate in sports or can discover their creative sides with music.

Private schools however have more benefits that go beyond the above mentioned.

On average, classes in private schools are smaller which means that teachers can dedicate to those pupils with learning difficulties a lot better as compared to crowded public schools. This means that your children’s average grades can be much better since they can get more active support by teachers when this is required.

Private, independent schools in United Kingdom have be shown to greatly increase your children’s chances for a better career later on in life. In some cases, the attendance of a private school is the key to get into a promising career field since employers today are often carefully evaluating their potential employees educational history. In other words, those who went to a private school will have the edge over their competitors in today’s difficult job market.

If you ask me you should consider whether a private school would be a much better option for your children. At private schools Hertfordshire you can learn all about it.